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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 - 08:15

Mieux vaut tard que jamais

I dont remember the last time i did some quality work(read coding). Nowadays all im doing is to write some datafixes for database. Dont exactly need a degree of Nuclear Physics to do. Needs more like the IQ of a toad. Imagine this, u wake up at 8AM with a wonderfully feeling of going to code today which ur GL has promised the day before. U take bath, scent and even take time to brush ur teeth thinking u got to look best today. U arrive at office keeping that sense of euphoria alive (which is a feat in itself, considering the traffic and the rain), open ur mailbox: one mail from Development manager(DM) -not a good sign- asking u to go over the 600 odd stored procedures(SP) and add NOLOCK to the JOINs wherever missing. Let me do the Maths for you, 600 files * 50 lines each = 30000 lines, 600 Sps * 20 JOINs per SP = 12000 Control-Vs. The last part of the mail is really tricky, "u can complete it today". I cant fail him now can i. By the time i complete it, my left-pinky was acutly bent bcos of the neccessasity to press the Control key for a day long. I mail back to my DM at 6PM saying it is done and the files are checked-in. Five minutes later i get a reply saying still some files are missing the required changes. I run to his place and ask how could go over 30000 lines in 5 minutes. Apparently there is a tool available for that. Why not use the same tool to insert the missing clauses?????????????????????? And save my day, not to mention my favourite finger. I was never more aggravated than i was that day. Had to sleep with my hand under the pillow that night, to stop the fingers from twitching(pinky was vibrating like a tuning fork).
What was more disheartening was, during the last appraisal my DM cited that i took me two days and several mails to complete that task and that he can only give me only a satisfying rate. But he promised that there are more such oppurtunities to prove meself in the next cycle. That put in layman's words means, more of Ctrl-C and ctrl-V work ahead for me. My pinky started twitching!

Read on papers today, Clinton in his book `My Life` gave Pakistan a tough time. Give pak the finger i say. He writes he was that close to declaring pak a terrorist state and i happen to agree with him. Going by numbers(im an engineer), even if 1% of the blame that India is assigning on pak for cross-border terrorism is true, pak is a terrorist state. "There are other citations in the book that leads the reader to conclude that pak supports terrorism" the paper said. Pity that Clinton had a row with Monica Lewinsky to dishonour himself. Otherwise armed with his words....it would have been a different ball game altogether.

Okay people, i better signoff before my DM gives me a load. Moreover, Wimbledon also is on (apart from Euro). The title is French for "Better late than never".

No jokes. I dont feel funny today.


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