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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Monday, July 25, 2005 - 12:06

At my desk

At my desk

Junta, this is the first of the pictures to come off my camera phone. Looks ok, aren't they?
But i can explain all the kiddish accessories. My sister gave me the angel and specifically asked me to keep it in my desk. Cousin gave me the dolphin timepiece and i have this thing for dolphins. My 8 year old nephew is a champion jigsaw puzzle solver and me is trying to follow his footsteps. So c'mon, give me a break, im just 23 and after all my creative alter ego's name is Smitha.
My manager, who recommended me for the promotion -i presume- came to my desk to congratulate me. He saw the goodies at my desk and left a very thoughtful man. I feel, me solving the Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle did the trick.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - 14:51

For the love of HP

Ok, the template change is complete & the world can see it fine i hope. Me had not changed the font or the general look owing to the clean & neatness of it. Any inputs are welcome. A thanks to the copyright owner for the picture of Hermione is in order i guess.
As no one visits Three men in a blog, another space where we 3 collegemates blog about serious issues like per-marital sex and our girlfriendless life, i'm posting this VVV here also...

What a crowd to get lost as... just a face!


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Friday, July 15, 2005 - 05:36


Sorry for the absence & all that jazz..me indeed let work get to me. But justified i say, considering they paid me full even when i was away!
I'm planning to change the blog's Matrix theme to a Harry Potter theme. All in favor, raise your hand. Err.. I actually can't see you raise your hand, so you can put your hands down and leave your comments below. Kathak, no im not hankering for comments.. :P :P i will take silence as acceptance.
And since the pressure from all the Pune girls, for me to get a mobile, was becoming unbearable, i got one... a Nokia 3230. (Thanks to Rams for the suggestion!) Apparently all the girls just have to say good night to me before going to sleep. One night asusual i picked the phone up and said "Good night darling"... the voice repiled back, "..darling?? Who r u trying to woo? Its ur sister, u dumbo!". So, no, number available only on request. (attach a profile picture please). Im now armed with a 1.3 Megapixel digicam: resurrecting VVV.
My hand is coming along fine. The physiotherapist being a young lady. But the wrist hurts really bad... even more painful than it had been immediately after the accident. Aaarrrgggggghhhhh! Thankfully, there are painkillers and sleeping pills. And your prayers as well. Thank you guys :*
An idea for a nice little story is floating in my head. Just a squeeze of time off work and i'll post it. Ok?


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Thursday, July 07, 2005 - 06:05

The rain...

...does this thing to me. Makes me feel very sad and very hopeful at the same time. And since im one laptop and one digicam less, i would be musing for a while before returning to VVV or stories.

Pune becomes this lovely bride in a green outfit every monsoon!
Ok, let not begin that blatantly blunt... for starters, lets travel back in time...(tortoise mosquito coil winding)

Me back in office after a Gods-conspired-against-me-but-well-deserved-vacation at Trichy. (Irony: Got 450 new mails bcos of the long break... didnt get it? check my last post.) The moment i stepped into the auto at Pune, the heavens started pouring cats & dogs. Impeccable timing, i tell you... like a cover drive from a in-form Ganguly. The autowala was a veteran driver: he took me in a ring road or something i never knew existed. At first i was scared to find no buildings/people, i even cleaned my glasses, no use. Maybe the rains washed away everything i thought. Suddenly he took a turn and we were in Pune-University road. I saw the buildings and some girls clinging on to their boyfriends riding a bike. My relief knew no bounds! "They are here...they are here only", i told myself. (I meant.. the buildings, you silly.)

The flight from b'lore to pune was a typical Tamilan story. A "hot girl" took the boarding card after me and me was so excited at the prospects of sitting next to her. After boarding, found out she was in the next row on the opposite window. That ladies and gentleman is a Tamilan story... "He never gets the girl :("
But the hospitality of Indian Airlines needs a mention here. They suck! But there was some VIP in the first class. I could see only his hand(no, it wasnt toying a samurai sword), might have been a politician or a higher official from IA itself because all the air hostess were grining ear to ear and talking to him all through the flight. Even the captain came to visit him and was particularly unhappy when he found out the co-pilot was also stading behind him. Then he ran back to the cockpit screaming something obscure...i could only hear "...there..is..no..auto-pilot..."

Was at Bangalore last weekend. Can safely say, it was the closest to one of those typical college days i spent, after becoming an alumni. Met almost a dozen collegemates and partied, for it was Moosa's birthday on the 3rd. We went to sleep at 6:30 in the morning because our jaws ached from all the talking through the night. Cliche ahead: One lives all the boring days of work & chores a year... for a day like that! Yes, yes, alcohol was involved, and no, no, i dont drink.

Now, im asking myself... If the place one feels most happy is their home, then which is my home? Trichy, Bangalore or Pune!


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