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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Friday, October 28, 2005 - 07:32

Home flooded home


Catch you all in a week. Hope the floods have subsided by now and nothing is serious.
Happy Diwali people!!


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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 08:02

Whats cooking doc?

"Good morning! Did i wake you up?"
"Hi kiddo.. and yes, you did."
"ha ha.. i feel good. Having done my one-good-deed-a-day already!"
"Hardly, i'm going back to sleep after i hang-up. I picked the phone up because i don't want to be the boyfriend who disappoints his girlfriend this early on a sunday morning."
"Early? Do you know what time is it? It is 9:30!"
"Its a sunday morning and unless i smell my mom's steaming idia-apam, im used to getting up around 11."
"What dish is that? Never heard of it."
"What kind of a south-indian-girl are you who don't know idia-apam? I pity the guy who is going to marry you!"
"That would be you, my dear. You better start learn how to cook all those stuff, because i'm not going to serve you steaming idia-apam and all."
"Girls these days are useless i tell you. They can't cook, they can't wear a saree, they have forgetten how to feel shy and above all they have an attitude that reads shouldn't-it-be-the-males-turn-to-give-birth?"
"you.. you.. thats not true. We are not like that. At least i'm not like that. But you have insulted me."
"Hey.. hey.. i was just kidding.. don't be mad at me. I'll make it up to you."
"You better. I'm hanging up. humph!"
"Don't! don't!..... damn, she hung up. When will i ever learn not to get carried away and speak the truth?"

"Hello Mom! What's cooking?"
"Dosa, sambar and coconut chutney."
"Aaaaaha! I'm drooling already... but mom, can you teach me how to make idia-apam?"
"Why the sudden interest in cooking?"
"Lets just say, i have some making-up to do..."


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Monday, October 24, 2005 - 04:45

Story tree...

...contd from reNUka

He thought it would be an ordinary journey. Standing behind the pillar he watched the train snort arrogantly into the station. With each snort he was reminded of his grandfather's words "You will fail in the city and return penniless"; with every heavenward whistle, he heard his cousin, "Don't worry. Come here and I will get you a job at the construction site." Now he had a 34-hour journey to prove one of them wrong, and he expected the excitement at the end of the journey. He looked at his ticket once again: compartment S9 berth 23.

He would preserve this ticket. When he would succeed, he would frame and hang it for all to see, as a reminder of the fact that greatness had humble origins, of the day when he set out to seize his destiny. His lips quivered with emotion as he carefully counted the money in his wallet, yet again. Four crisp hundreds and two crumpled fifties. At seventeen, it seemed like a fortune to him. He would carefully plan his expenses. He felt as energetic as the strong breeze that hit his face. He stumbled backward, as the wallet slipped from his hands.

Turag watched it fall, with the fingers of both his hands curled—one gripping the steel bar and the other gripping nothing but air. The wallet settled, the second time it touched the greased stones. It was diminishing in size and moving away from him like an open-mouthed balloon propelled by the gushing air. He knew, well enough, the events that would follow if he pulls the stop-chain. In fact it was a stop-chain that brought a wind of change in his life. Getting off from the thought-train that the stop-chain had evoked, he rushed towards it, with uncurled fingers.

"Don't do that." said a voice from behind him. The command in the voice, more than his curiosity, made him stop and turn around. The first thing he noticed was her eyes which also held the finality her voice seemed to convey. He was still staring deep into the depths of her beautiful eyes when he realized that he had been stopped. He closed his eyes for a second, shook his head to clear out the image -as if wiping the slate clean- and reopened them.
"I drop my wallet.", he said.

i pass the baton to j'Adore, Sunita and thuvax.

(Everything below the dashed line above should be copied and pasted with every accepted tag)
This is a Story Tree and is best nurtured as follows:
1. A blogger can add only 90-100 words (not more or less) at a time.
2. All previous snippets of 90-100 words need to be copied before the new set of 90-100 words are appended.
3. Each entire snippet should be linked to the respective author (and not just the first sentence or so)
4. Characters, scenes, etc. can be introduced by an author
5. Bizarre twists, sci-fi, fantasy sequences are best avoided.
6. A tag must be accepted within 7 days else the branch is a dead branch
7. After appending 90-100, the Story Tree can be passed on to at most 3 bloggers.
8. If more than 1 branch leads to a blogger, s/he is free to choose any one of them but cannot mix the snippets of the individual branches.
9. The Story Tree is best left to grow than concluded
10. Please attach the image of the Story Tree below with each accepted tag (the link address can be copied and used).


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Friday, October 21, 2005 - 04:35


"Hey darling sister!"
"Anna!! So nice to hear your voice. You didn't call for more than a week now. Busy huh? I didn't do my Maths paper that well.. was trying to call you and curse the prof who set the paper, but you weren't available... How are you?"
"I'm ok kid. Work keeps me busy."
"You are so boring da. Get a life.. for the love of God."
"What do you expect? Girlfriend?"
"Yeah now that you mention it.. that would be great. And don't forget to give me her number, so i can chat with my anni when you are busy."
"You'll be the first to know, don't worry. How would you like a NRI or an American to be your anni?"
"Get out of here!! You are going onsite again? US? For how long?!"
"Yeah! And this time i'm not even sure how long. Might be for a couple of years."
".....hmmm..ok. When are you leaving? What did mom say?"
"In three weeks. Mom wants me to settle there!...hey, i gotto go now. Call you later, ok?"
"Ok, bye"

"Good morning! Pyramid DVDs. How can i help you?"
"uh..hello, do you sell DVDs? I'm looking for a title to gift my brother."
"Yes ma'am, we certainly do. What are you looking for exactly?"


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Monday, October 17, 2005 - 07:03

My left foot

"Hi my dear psycho brother... what are you upto?"
"Hi big brother, im upto no good, as usual... but pleasantly surprised to get your call."
"Shut up willya, or i won't call you anymore... then, how is final year engineering treating you?"
"Forget about my studies... what are you getting me for Diwali? Im sure you want to know my preference, right?"
"Yeah, go on... hit me!"
"I want a shoe! A sports shoe... very jazzy and all... in fact if you can manage a shining red color that would be great!"
"Ok, what is your shoe size?"
"Hmmmm... i dont know... let me check."
"Check the sole, there usually is a number..."
"I can't find any number on my sole, must be inside the shoe, will tell you once i get home. Alright?"
"Ok, i'll be expecting. "

"Hey brother, its me."
"Hmmm... so whats your size?"
"I have sent you a mail."
"Why do you need to send a mail? Just tell me the number now."
"Check my mail. The size is there."
"Tell me now."
"Ok, i couldn't arrive at any particular number after seeing all my shoes... so..."
"So what did you do?"
"I have scanned my foot and sent you."


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Friday, October 14, 2005 - 04:42

I want one

Sue me! I am a blogger.

Support button courtesy Kiruba.

If someone is listening, can you please send me a legal notice? I want one right now...very badly. In fact, make that an arrest warrant. An arrest sounds much *cool* and besides legal notice are so out-of-fashion!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005 - 02:28

Virginity is lack of opportunity (X-rated post)

It was dark but i could see her clearly even from that distance. She opened her arms as if to invite me. I went close -within touching distance- and began admiring her luscious body, wanting to feel her smooth skin, my heartbeat rising every second.
"You are very pretty..."
"Can i sit here?", i asked in what i consider an irresistable sexy voice.
She did not answer but the slightest of nods.
"Whats your name?", i asked.
"Ok, i'll call you Demi...", i said.
"Are you a Virgin?", i asked.
Again she refused me an anser and turned her head away from me, blushing.

Oh, btw - I got my bike y'day & i baptized her Demi.


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Saturday, October 08, 2005 - 02:00

Make that a 1000

"Hi Mom, whats up? Why you calling me?"
"Son, i got this snail mail today & thought you should know about it immediately."
"Im in a meeting mom... make it fast."
"Its a wedding invitation, i think the bride is your collegemate. I remember you introducing her to me when i came to your college."
"Oh yeah, i know she is getting married. So where is the marriage?"
"Are you ok son? I always thought you had a crush on this girl. Even i thought she was a very nice girl."
"Im ok mom...really, its nothing. It was just a crush and it was a long time ago. Now i dont even remember how she looks."
"hmmmm...ok, you are going to the marriage? It on the 10th of next month in Bangalore."
"No mom, i think i'll pass. Anyways i wont get a leave with the project release due next month."
"I still worried. You sound a bit dull after hearing about the wedding....... "
"No mom, its not like what you think."
"Ok, at least send her some wedding present. Or should i send some gift-cheque to the address on the invitation? Say rupees five hundred?"
A little Rs. 500 would not express what i felt for her mom.
"Mom, better make that a 1000."


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