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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Thursday, September 22, 2005 - 11:52

Note to self

The contents are getting so narcissistic that me feel nauseaous reading them: i dont know how you people manage. And seeing my incessant talking about women, the Google's content based Ads on the bottom(that nobody ever clicks) thinks this ad will suit the readers..

Attracting Women
Proven Secrets On How To Meet & Get
Any Woman You Want. Find Out How!

Damn! No more musing & self-centric posts. Get ready for some creative ass-kicking. And if S m i t h a fails to come up with something creative, yours truly is planning to write some technical posts! How many of you love obfuscated programs?

Guess the output of this one-liner C program:


Hint: Ok, no more self-centric stuff.

And hey, did you notice the new Hermione in the background?
Ok, don't stare!


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Sunday, September 18, 2005 - 22:18

My love story..

..is a tragedy
..is a detective story
..is not your cup of tea

Well, it is not a multiple choice question. All are true. Here is the sad proof :(

Author writes his first ever love story. Comes out to be 35 pages of pure ecstatic love. He re-reads it and tells himself, "Erich Segal would appreciate the drama and Jane Austen would have been proud of the dialogues" and decides to get it to office to get it in digital format. On that fateful morning, in the parking lot, he asks his roommate to hold on to the notebook. He asks for it once they were in office. Roommate gives a blank stare and remembers the parking lot. The author made sure his roommate appreciate the gravity of the situation. Author's roommate still walks with a limp.
And the notebook is yet to be found. What peeves me even more is that someday when i buy wada in a roadside hotel, one of the paper of my love story might end up as my napkin. The possibility, that a hindi director might get hold of the story and make a crappy movie out of it cant be ignored also. I'll keep you latest on this front, as it develops.
Author logically concludes that the elements are against my love story being read by the world. So, it not your cup of tea.
Hence proved.

But some other things in life are looking up :D
I wouldn't have believed this even myself, that why my mom sent me a scaned copy of the letter she received from my company. Go on.. read.. but i forbid you to laugh though!

Star Employee

Well, me is a Star alright! They even sent a bouquet of roses along with it. Mom sounded so happy that me decided to break the news of my engagement. I present to you my Bike-To-Be..

Bike To-Be

Must be in my hands in 2/3 weeks. 180cc/16bhp/0-60Kmph in 4.5 sec.. and all that jazz. Me hope i don't hug another truck with this.

I finally got the project change i've been asking for more than 6 months now. Wish me luck, im going for the stars... again!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 - 06:37

Tagged - Honestly

I'm glad Anu tagged me. The short story me promised being not made the distance from head-to-paper, i got to post this filler. For a change im being honest in this post. Don't tell me i didn't warn you!

Seven things you plan to do before you die
I would like to do more than 7 things actually :( So here is the top 7!

Go to Moon/Mars/space and jump around in micro gravity
Script/Camera/Direct/Edit a movie
Write more stories about children
Buy an island to retire there
Get a rock hard ab (good enough to model for one of those Tele-shopping-network ads)
Buy a nice small seclusive guesthouse in Ooty as my mom wished
Get a Ph.D in www subject (no no not that WorldWideWeb thingy. i mean, WhatWomenWant - LOL)

Seven things you can do
I can..
watch movies 24x7
read books 23x7
work 1x5
compile C program in me little head
be very reserved at times
write english & tamil in mirror image
drive a bike head on into a truck and live to tell about it

Seven things you can't do
I can't..
get up early on a sunday morning
stop ogling at beautiful women (obviously right?)
turn my right hand palm face up completely :( *sobs* *sobs*
appreciate modern art
figure out why we have to pay tax to the government
stop eating junk food
understand me (only sometimes though, dont call Keelpakam already!)

Seven things you say most
kiddo/kid (yeah i know a lot of kids :D)
enna-di? (with my sister of course)
a handful of tamil swear words which im not going to tell you :P

Seven things that attract you to women
Me is a stupid character. Me brain associate some physical qualities to personality, which me brain get attracts to.
Physical - Personality
Mischevious powerful eyes - Intelligence & common sense
Long black hair - Patience & composure
Sharp edgy chin - Non-pompous attitude
Rosy voluptuous lips - Nothing personality related, just tooo good for a kiss ;)
Smooth lengthy neckline - Sense of humour & self respect
Curvaceous effeminate waistline - shy is coming :)
a couple of noway-im-telling-you & i-want-to-keep-my-female-readers (i-said-honest-and-not-brutally-honest)

Seven celebrity crushes
7 is such a small number :( can i add two zeroes? please.. please.. ok, here is the latest 7..
Sonali Nagrani
Jessica Alba
Josie Maran
Mia Sara
Dakota Fanning
Emma Watson

Seven people me like to tag
Now 7 seems like a big number :( Me can list all the readers of my stupid blog and still not get >7 response. Please feel free to ignore me if you are not interested.


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