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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 15:41

The Valentine week

First time i went to a bar in the US of A there was this heavy built guy sitting near the entrance who demanded my picture ID. Well, i do look a lot younger than i actually am(which is just 23 for the single women out there) and so I was prepared for such eventualities. I pulled out my indian LMV driver's license and showed it to him, with some pride i might add. But i wasnt prepared for what came next... he said "Can i see an other ID, please?". WTF? Why does he need another ID? Where the heck is my passport? Where is it when u need it the most? I searched through my wallet and all i could find as a picture id was a xerox copy of the same drivier's license. Anyways i gave him the xerox (with less pride this time) and awaited the verdict (Busted!). He had the copies, one in each hand, compared them millimeters away, gave them back to me and said "Please go right in".
First day at work i was coming back to my cubicle from the coffee break with a plastic cup full of water. I have to cross the reception from the coffee place to get to my cubicle where the receptionist Paula -an elderly woman- was keeping busy as always. As i crossed the reception area she called out from behind her desk, "u know, we have an icemaker in the coffee place. you can have ice in ur water if u want." She could never see what i carrying in my cup, least of all it having no ice... so i asked "how do u know i dont have ice in this cup?". She answered, "Ice in a plastic cup makes a rattling noise when u walk with it." I checked her last name, surprisingly, it wasnt Holmes.
First time i talked to a stranger in USofA was when i came outside the hotel for a walk. It was very cold outside that time, around (-5)'C.. but i badly needed a walk after all the sloth. So this guy who stays in the room next to me came out for a smoke. He started talking about the weather and i thought i'll give him company. He was quite excited when i told him that i'm indian and i work for an american company here. So he asked me about the company and how long i have been here and all that. Finally he asks me "So you married?".
I said, "No"
He continues, "Kids?"
I say (without missing a beat), "No"
Later i realised how absurd the question would have sounded in Indian surroundings. And how i managed to answer a twister of a question without a twitch! Americanisation?
By the way the title was just a ploy to get you reading. This post has nothing to do with valentines day... or my valentine!


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