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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 - 05:49


Note: This is my first attempt at pure fiction. So please excuse me for being naive..i was pressed for time!

Scene 1: Busstand, Busy Monday morning...8:30 AM

A 20-something-college-going-guy-with-a-knapsack -baggy jeans and crumpled shirt- on his cell phone. Talks briefly into the device - disconnects - looks up to the bus standing near him.

He looks inside the bus...not very crowded bus...a good-looking girl sitting near the window seat and reading something. She straightens up.. looks outside the window... and sees our guy put his cell phone into his pocket and walk away. Right then another pretty looking girl steps onto the bus.. smiles at girl#1 and sits next to her.

they start talking.... we move in after 45 seconds...

girl#1: i could never understand your obsession....
girl#2: why shweta? wouldnt it help to know how any steps i have to take from my home to the bus stand?
Shw: that i understand...what i dont understand is..why would anyone want to know how many windows are in this bus...how many in the right side? or how many in the left? u r crazy, Lavanya, i tell u.
Lav: me not crazy... its just a time pass... keeps me busy and thinking
Shw: yeah.. thats right. did u count how many people were using cell phones on ur way over here today?
Lav: no, as a matter of fact, i did not.
Shw: sure..whatever..
Lav: if u r not bored yet with my obsessions..can i tell u one more? please ya.. im dying to tell u
Shw: [smiles] ok sure..u r allowed one petty wish per day
Lav: ok, im the only person in this bus who is wearing blue!!
Shw: [gives an other whatever-smile] what does that make u? special?
Lav: yeah sure it does!!
Shw: [shakes her head and looks at the door] ....... im sorry kiddo..but ur special something was just ruined! look at that guy u just walked into the bus. he is wearing blue!
Lav: [looks up at the guy] *their eyes meet, a tiny smile from the guy as if he knows whats going on* damn it!
Shw: i like that guy for that .....

8:37 Bus starts and pulls out of the stand.

Scene 2: Tuesday 8:30 AM

Shweta looks outside the bus window from her window seat. Her next seat is empty. The same guy-with-knapsack walks past putting his cell phone away into his jeans pocket. She also sees Lavanya walk inside the bus...

Lav: hey Shweta! morning!!
Shw: Morning Lavs! So u are wearing white today huh? lets see....
[both scans the bus for any white dress]
Lav: yayyyy!! no one!!!
Shw: looks like u r *today's special* after all!
Lav: i know
3 minutes 41 seconds later...
Shw: hahaha.. here comes my saviour! in *white* [point to the same guy who was in blue the day before walk inside the bus]
Lav: *eyes meet, tiny smile* damn that guy!

8:37 Bus starts and leaves the stand.

Scene 3: Wednesday 8:30 AM

As usual, Shweta is waiting for Lavanya with a saved seat. As she walks inside, she sees the same guy-with-knapsack walk away.

Lav: morning!
Shw: i think u have suceeded into getting me involved in ur little obsession...
Lav: why? what happened?
Shw: nothing huge like urs... i just see this guy everyday in the bus stand!
Lav: that is not anything.. people wait in bus stand everyday at the same time
Shw: i know.. but he talks into the cell phone also everyday..
Lav: So?
Shw: the catch is, he doesnt get onto any bus... he just leaves.
Lav: ok... now we are talking... welcome to the club mate!
Shw: whatever.. this *is* kind of weird..
Lav: ok..coming to my world..lets see who else is wearing my color today..yellow.
[both scans the bus for any yellow dress]
Lav: no one... thats great!
Shw: dont celebrate too soon.. our *guy* is yet to come [looks outside the window] ...and here he comes..and then there were two people in *yellow*
Lav: *eyes, smile* this is unbelievable.. im beginning to like this guy!
Shw: [laughs out] me too..
Lav: hmmmm... i think i need to throw a curve ball here
Shw: what do u mean?
Lav: this guy manages everything... but i doubt he has a shirt in Pink color! No self-respecting guy would wear pink!!
Shw: so?
Lav: Im wearing pink tomorrow!

8:37 Bus starts and leaves the stand.

Scene 4: Next day 8:30 AM

Lavanya walks inside the bus, in her pretty pink dress!

Shw: look! that is the guy.. the one who is putting his cellphone inside the pocket, he is the one who waits and walks away from a bus-stand everyday.
Lav: oh i see..
Shw: so u wore pink..huh?
Lav: so lets see how *ur guy* manages this one!
Shw: lets see...
[2 minutes pass by in silence...both keep a vigil for *our guy*... peeping out the window every 2 seconds... tension mounting]
Shw: i think i see him... yes it is him...
Lav: where is he? what color is he wearing?
Shw: shoot...its *red*.. look there
[our guy walks into the busstand casually wearing a red colored T-shirt]
Lav: yeah it is *red*... haha.. i won this round! didnt i?
Shw: I'll be damned!! Look at the message on his T-shirt!!

The T-shirt reads: "Red is the new pink!"

[both girls are wide-eyed now in disbelief]
Before they could recover, our guy walks inside the bus ... *smiles at Lavanya*... sits 2 rows in front of the girls.

8:37 Bus starts and pulls out of the stand. Our guy takes out his cellphone.. touches few keys to get to the last received calls.. and presses `Call`...

guy#1: thanks dude! she sure was surprised to see the message
guy#2: no problemo buddy.. just remember, we double date..u get Lavanya, i get Shweta! over and out!

Author's note: I swear this is fiction. Please don't spam/pester me! And if u didnt like it, dont bother clicking on [Comments] either :P


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