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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Saturday, October 08, 2005 - 02:00

Make that a 1000

"Hi Mom, whats up? Why you calling me?"
"Son, i got this snail mail today & thought you should know about it immediately."
"Im in a meeting mom... make it fast."
"Its a wedding invitation, i think the bride is your collegemate. I remember you introducing her to me when i came to your college."
"Oh yeah, i know she is getting married. So where is the marriage?"
"Are you ok son? I always thought you had a crush on this girl. Even i thought she was a very nice girl."
"Im ok mom...really, its nothing. It was just a crush and it was a long time ago. Now i dont even remember how she looks."
"hmmmm...ok, you are going to the marriage? It on the 10th of next month in Bangalore."
"No mom, i think i'll pass. Anyways i wont get a leave with the project release due next month."
"I still worried. You sound a bit dull after hearing about the wedding....... "
"No mom, its not like what you think."
"Ok, at least send her some wedding present. Or should i send some gift-cheque to the address on the invitation? Say rupees five hundred?"
A little Rs. 500 would not express what i felt for her mom.
"Mom, better make that a 1000."


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