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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Thursday, May 26, 2005 - 11:50

Coma colorless

Warning: Folks, inspired by my accident, i wrote this story thinking so many stuff. The first draft was twice as long and felt like a science lecture. So please feel free to remind me that i suck at creating fantasy.

Chapter-I "Blue colored sheet"

The last thing i remember was staring into the headlights of that truck. The next thing i remember is waking up in a hospital. I knew it was a hospital because of the smell. I tried to get up when my friend standing next to the bed said, "Relax hero, lie down. You are still in shock from the accident."
"Oh.. i hit that truck is it? How bad is my bike?"
"Blummer.. you stupid.. we were worried about you. and idiot you are worried about.. your bike? You were in a coma for almost fourteen hours now, you know that?"
"No it wasn't coma." said a female voice entering the room, which belonged to a young lady with a sthescope around her neck.
"Hi, i'm Dr. Sneha. I've been taking care of you."
"Hello doctor."
"Hello doctor. Why do you say it wasn't a coma?", asked Aamir.
"Because coma is dreamless and you were dreaming last night. I saw REM. Rapid Eye Movement."
"Oh i see. So what are my damages? My friend here won't even let me get up."
"So far we have seen, from your CAT scan, X-ray & other reports, you are perfectly normal. Not a scratch."
"So why was i out cold for the entire night." i asked.
She took time to see both of us in the eye before she continued, "You received a heavy blow to your skull which made you unconsicious. Although you weren't hurt physically because of your helmet, there is a small chance that the blow might have affected your memory in some way. What i am saying is there is a possibility that you might have forgotten something..."
"Forgotten? Like my passwords?", i asked slightly alarmed.
Aamir added, "Yeah, i know a friend who forgot his handwriting after an accident. He couldn't even sign his name as he used to."
The doctor continued, "So dont be scared if you dont remember something. It is not abnormal especially after an accident. Its my duty to inform you that... and now im taking your leave. You can go home anytime you want."
"Thank you doctor"
"Thank you doctor"
"Just sign the blue colored discharge sheet with the nurse before you leave. Thank you." said Sneha and was about to leave the room when suddenly i realised what i have forgotten.
"What happened? You don't remember your signature?", asked Aamir.
"No i remember that. But i dont know see colors...everything is black & white!!"
"What!! You mean you don't see colors after the accident?", asked Sneha.
"Oh my God!", exclaimed Aamir.

Chapter-II "Common sense"

"I feel like a color TV with bad reception. Its like the chip that processes color in my brain is smashed or something. Is there anyway i can get my colored vision back doctor?"
"hmmm... this is a very specific problem. I believe, similar to all other senses like smell or touch... colors are also coded in your genes."
"coded?" asked Aamir.
"Yeah.. you see nobody has to teach a kid that a smell is bad or good. Or the sense of taste and touch is already present in you when you are born."
"So what are you saying? My gene got altered because of the accident and i forgot colors?"
"No, you are the same before and after the accident. But something is missing.....wait a minute..the `Weaver bird` experiment!"
"Yeah i know that experiment. What about it?", i said.
"Wweaver birds breeded in captivity were denied twigs and coir to build their nest and they never saw their parents do it either. But when the fourth generation birds were provided the twigs they built a perfect nest."
"Because...?", asked Aamir.
"Because the nest building skill was already in their genes. Nobody had to teach them. Twigs were the missing entry. Your case is similar to this."
"So you mean... i know all the colors, i can see all the colors, but someone/something is denying me that?"
"Yeah something like that."
Aamir noted, "Thank God, that you haven't forgotten your common sense. That would have been more difficult."
Sneha said, "Yeah it would have been so much simple if common sense, whats good & whats bad, religious faith are also coded in one's gene. But they are the qualities we learn by experience and treat it as more important."
"Thats all very interesting but will i get my sight back?", i asked getting a bit impatient in a black and white world.
A long silence followed.
I was worried.
Aamir seemed Mr. Head on shoulder.
Sneha was thoughtful for a moment and lighted up like she found the answer. She was very excited when she said, "Its a dream. It makes sense. You knew about Weaver birds. Dreams are colorless."
Aamir smiled like he understood what she said.
"What are you talking about? Dream?"
"Yeah, open your eyes." said Aamir.

Chapter-III "Deja vu"

I opened my eyes. I was in a bed and could smell the hospital. I turned around and saw my wife Sneha and my friend Aamir besides the bed.
Sneha said, "Thank God! You woke up. I was so worried."
"Oh.. i hit that truck is it? How bad is my bike?"
Aamir said, "you stupid.. we were worried about you. and idiot you are worried about.. your bike? You were in a coma for almost fourteen hours now, you know that?"
"No, it wasn't a coma. Coma is dreamless, but i was dreaming. A very wierd dream... which i'll tell you. But first... this room is painted green right?"

Dedication: To my helmet. If you didnt like the story blame it on the helmet, that i lost my creativity in the accident. :D

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