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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Monday, December 05, 2005 - 07:49

Filler post

Ok, S m i t h a, my alter ego has gone missing. I've lodged a FIR and you know how Indian policewalas work. So until then...

Got tagged by ramses
10 yrs ago
10th standard - must have been busy studying for the exams or busy trying to impress my school crush. yeah.. its the latter, im sure.
anyways ended up as the school topper and all, but failed in the chota sa love story
was always fighting with my brother and sister: both being younger, i could exercise loads of bullyism

5 yrs ago
sophomore - having sorted out my priorities, where sleep comes first and studies comes last, with movies, novels, computergames, bird watching and writing code sprinkled in between, it was party time always
another crush got crushed - she fell in love with another guy :(
but managed to write a master-minion-trojan in C and called the program lover.c

last year
work - was awarded exceptional new comer. was in the USA for 6 months. found out that the girl i was in love with was already married :( i took all of the above with equal enthusiasm
decided to start a blog and after a few corny posts about my life, decided to cut the musings and write short stories
met some wonderful people through the blog and been friends thence
got myself a Sony cybershot and tried my hand at photography too

brought my mom sarees for the first time
finished reading "The Tipping point"
decided not to cut my hair and sport a Harry Potter cut

5 yummy things
Elisha Cuthbert
rain dance
Mom's kadai chicken
Skyline 4-way chilli
Uno's chicken-wild mushroom pizza

5 things i know by heart
most tamil song lyrics
most english movie scripts
don't develop crush on beautiful women, they are so depressing bcos they are so unattainable
genius is as genius does
im no genius

5 things i'd do if i had a lot more money
quit this job and aim for a Ph.D
will buy a window screen and gift it to the poor Irani girls living opposite my apartment
buy movies
buy books
and after gaining some experience, produce and direct a movie :)

5 places i escape to
my creative self
a phone call to my mom/sis/bro/friends

5 things i'd never wear
a sad face
a dhoti without a belt
an open shirt before i get back my abs
any formal wear unless it is fatally compulsory
lipstick: the one from kissing not accountable eh?

5 favourite tv shows
Coupling (Star World - sat & sunday 2 PM)
Will and Grace
Extreme engineering on Discovery
Bikini destinations, Late night show or anything on F-Tv ;)

5 things i enjoy doing
bird watching ;) anywhere/anytime
sleeping when i've to be at work
reading all night
watching tv with no one to take the remote away
writing code

people i'd like to tag

feel free to ignore me, if u r not interested


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