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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Thursday, December 15, 2005 - 03:14

I already made the choice.. i am here to understand it

Before i forget - This is still not S m i t h a posting.

Ganguly's been dropped, i read in today's Times. I can imagine a very old Ganguly in a basement holding a yellowish crumpled copy of today's paper and another paper reading that his grandson Nagrav Ganguly has been selected for the Indian cricket team.
Times has always been a source of misery for me. One fine morning, i opened the papers with a hot cup of coffee in my hands and it read "An average Indian loses his/her virginity at the age of 20"... i almost spilled the coffee all over myself.. can it get any depressing than that? But the comic strips and the cleavages keeps me paying the paper bill.

About the whereabouts of my alter ego, i found S m i t h a before the police did (and its a good thing actually), and here goes what happened next...
Me: hey, you know i was getting worried? where were you all this time?
AlterEgo: you know where i was.. dont pretend.. why did you reject the last two stories i came up with?
Me: ok let me explain.. those stories were either too sad or hopelessly depressing.
AE: what about that science fiction?
Me: you know the rules, "No tragedies allowed in pichuva". and you destroyed earth in that story!
Ae: you should know better, the author's mood gets reflected in what gets written
Me: hmmm.. ok, what to hear a non-veg-joke to get your spirits up?
Ae: get out of here, you dumb arse! i dont care about readers..

..and i had to run away from there for dear life. So until something really cheerful happens (for e.g., "i got aid for MS", "boss got laid off", "i got laid") im afraid i can't do anything.

Random thought#1
Until last year, one could tell, "and pigs could fly", "and donkeys could sing", "and a tsunami stuck chennai", "and it rained in trichy" in the same breath. Now all that had gone for a toss. You might argue that nobody ever says "and it rained in trichy".. i agree.. but i like to keep my options open, if you know what i mean.

Random thought#2
Pune's contribution to the world: Wada Pav and load of beautiful college girls!
Pune's contribution to Maths: Definition of infinity - Number of potholes on any stretch >20 meter of road.

Wow! Me just realised that a New year is coming! Two thousand six, no less!! Which reminds me of the 2005's new year party, when we shot cheap tequilas with Lays potota chips. The point on how much we were drunk is very debatable but the fact that We managed to burn the rice we were cooking should give you some idea. The smoke detector started blarring, as people forgot about the fire and diverted their attention on stopping the alarm. Finally i had to step in, recollecting how Pheobe handles a similar situation in Friends, and gave the smoke detector a right and then a left.. kick! It stopped blarring and even now if you go to apartment 6919-D, carlton Arms Drive, Indianapolis you'll notice all but one smoke detector not working.

Did i mention -on serious contemplation i realised- that early next year would be a nice time to shift southwards. Yeah, don't act surprised when i forward my resume and ask for a referral. Damn, i propably shouldn't be saying these things on a public forum like this.. what if my boss googles for my name and lands here? Ok, from here no use of my real name. (Note to self: Remove the picture on the profile... but just in case any hot single girl out there wanted my picture, you could google for images of Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel and use the "complex virtual JPEG interimposing de-glare anti-noise multi-layer image editing algorithm" to fuse all the images together and presto, you'll have what you wanted)

So, there you go people, a not-so-neat-random-non-associative-700-words post. Im proud of myself... on retrospect, i need S m i t h a back right? Don't worry, im working on it.


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