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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 23:29

Ode on the anniversary

This blog has existed an year now! yayy!!
It had come quite a distance...

From self-centric musings,
to a short story & photography blog.
From the "hey machan, i started a blog, do read" mail for friends,
to the "hey! nice blog, blogrolling you" mail from a Pakistani blogger.

The drive is "creating something",
closest i can get to being a father.
The fun is "reading the comments",
closest i can get to a mother in UK.

Didn't want to reveal my identity, `S m i t h a` i called myself
but honesty never left me, `gender` column still read `male`.
Never cared for an audience, and i still don't
the drive is still there, even if my cousin in b'lore don't comment.

I will always write about thoughts/feelings i know/felt.
Thats why you are seeing kids and helmet related stories,
and not about girlfriends or lover or wife. But soon i will...
Fingers crossed, touch wood, and all that Chicago jazz

No intention of sending any "greater message" to the society
through my blog. If you find any, good for you!
If it made you smile for a nano second, thats all i care,
even if you are an uppity from Lynchburg, its not bad for you.

I have this overwhelming urge to thank all my friends, (follow the white rabbit...updated)
But i think i'll pass, i would do it personally, face to face.
But i should thank you all, the readers
and the occassional commenters, from as far as Venus!


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