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aut me aut nihil

aut me aut nihil = Either me or nothing. no,no... me not boosting. me have an inferiority complex and trying to compensate :D 

Thursday, March 02, 2006 - 09:10

The Crush - vol. 1

Chapter I
Sathya, 9th standard, B section, was the first rank holder. He was not mere intelligent but quite an established stud of the school. His trouble started when Swati's family moved into town. If you had guessed "love at first sight", help yourself some brownie points.
"Hello class! Please welcome our new girl at school." announced the teacher without context. An unsuspecting Sathya turned his head towards the mentioned target and then everything went in slow motion. His visions tunneled at the prettiest face he would ever see. His heart skipped a reasonable amount of beats. She walked very slowly -or at least she seemed to, for him- towards the blackboard and started speaking.
Obviously, Sathya could not hear any of what she was saying. He was still in a trance when his friend Madhu, sitting next to him gave him a nudge and said, "Stop staring at her, HotBlood."
Sathya returned to earth and caught her say, in the most innocent voice he would ever hear, that she was Swati. When she was walking back to her chair, Sathya caught her stare at the "1st Rank" badge he was wearing. He was never more proud than that moment.

Chapter II
"Excuse me! You are blocking the door." came a voice from behind Sathya.
Sathya turned around and saw Swati. Slow motion shot, take 2.
She was even more beautiful -if that is possible- up close. He was still staring at her lips when she reminded him that he was still blocking her way. He caught on this time and moved away. As she crossed him, she shot one sharp look at the "1st Rank" badge he was wearing. The look was almost amorous.
Sathya thought he will do anything to retain that badge. No problem, he told himself, for he had never got anything other than Rank 1.

In the next monthly test Swati came first. Sathya came in 2nd.
The "1st Rank" badge changed hands. Only now he understood the meaning behind that lecherous looks Swati gave that badge.

Chapter III
All that year, the school saw the most battled our "War of the 1st rank", for years to come. The badge saw an owner in either of Swati or Sathya, every monthly test. In the process, both had come to respect each other and became good friends.
His infatuation had now grown into a full-blown affection. Sathya still hid his feelings and did not talk about it even with his best friends. He always thought that a moment would present itself to tell her, but in truth he was afraid of rejection.
The battle of the ranks served well to distract his mind and keep it on books instead. Maybe if he proved good enough to get 1st rank all round the year, she might start liking him. Childish thoughts, but what can one expect.
Suddenly, Sathya saw it very clearly. All he had to do is get straight 1st ranks and everything will fall in place. He was a man on a mission, blinded by love, possessed by pride, and he took to books.
He didn't relinquish the badge after that.

Chapter IV
10th grade: 1st rank was to stay with Sathya. Swati came ever so close but Sathya proved a very tough opponent. After all, he was doing it for her.
She had almost given up hope of getting her hands on the badge when the in the last revision test before the final board exams...
"What happened? Which of your ships sunk?" asked Madhu.
"It is worse than that. Me and Swati's total were leveled at 377, with only the English marks left to be out. Well, the English papers were just distributed, I got 91 and she got 92. She beat me by one mark to the 1st rank!"
"Hey, it is not the end of the world alright. You have lost it just this once.. you were One all this year. Cheer up man."
"You don't understand..." said Sathya but could not bring himself to explain it to Madhu.
"Listen, put on a non-sad face for right now, because Swati is coming towards us."

"Hey guys, I need your English marks for the registers."
Madhu said, "I got 85."
"How much did you get Sathya?"
"hmmm..what?..yeah..i got.." fumbled Sathya.
"You got 93 right? I glimpsed it when you took it from the teacher."
"Err.." was what Sathya could manage.
Madhu was quick to grasp the situation. Obviously, She was mistaken his marks.
"Yeah, he got a 93, I just saw his paper. How much did you get Swati?", said Madhu, and placed a hand on Sathya's lap, conveying that he was going to handle the situation.
"I got 92.... shoot, which means Sathya beats me by one mark: 470 to 469. Congrats Sathya!"
"huh? yeah..Thanks."
After Swati left Madhu said, "They you go man, I got you your beloved number one spot."
"But we lied." judged Sathya.
"Blame the lie on me if she finds out, just give me a treat ok?"
But no one ever found out.

Chapter V
As expected Sathya topped the school in the board exams and Swati stood second. On the day the class assembled to get their official mark sheets, Sathya was going to tell Swati that he loved her. She will accept, he thought. She has to, he reasoned.
"Congrats Sathya! You topped as expected.", said Swati walking up to him after the ceremony.
"Congrats you too..But I should be thanking you only for this. I won't have done it without you."
"Me? Why? You did it on your own."
"You gave a tough fight. You literally pushed me into one."
"ha-ha.. interesting way of looking at it, but if it wasn't me pushing you then it would have been someone else? Won't it? Someone has to come in second right?"
"No, you don't understand..." he said. All reason told him that this was the moment he should profess his feelings for her, but he simply could not. Words dissolved and sentences disintegrated inside his mind.
"Well, if you don't have anything to say, I should be leaving now." continued Swati.
"Ok, I'll catch you later. I mean, next year, in class.", said Sathya. He told himself that he would perfect the way he was going to propose in the holidays and tell her on the first day of next term.
That was the last Sathya saw of Swati because his father got a transfer and they had to move to a different city for his higher secondary.

...to be continued


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